Cute Photo Story #10 It is not a mother’s job

Blame the movies , Pradyumna said, “only mothers should cook in kitchen na”. That word wounded Vidya somewhere in her heart. She went inside the bedroom without speaking any word. Pranati understood what happened. She asked kindly to her brother, “what do you want to become when you grow up?”. “I want to become a pilot”, he said so happily. “What do you want me to become?”, she continued. “hmm.. you become a doctor”, he said cheerfully. “No, I am not going to become a doctor.Because you only said , ladies should be in kitchen. I will marry, get children and cook. Will you be happy”. Tears started rolling down the little boy’s eyes. He could not imagine what his sister said. He also realised how his mother must have felt. That one dialogue made him realise the sacrifice she has done for them. Seeing him crying, Pranati hugged him and wiped off his tears and said, “Its okay dear, come now lets cheer up mom”. And they went to kitchen to make a yummy lovely sandwich , went to knock their mother’s room. 🙂

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