Cute Photo Story #9 The zoomed-in mom


That was grandparents first visit. They were happily playing with both grandchildren, mommy went for a shower. Suddenly, the little one started crying, weeping loud. He could not settle for grandparents lullaby. “oops, he wants his mother”, tensed grandma. The elder sister got an idea. “nani, everyone says that I look like muma.. Let me zoom my face closer to him and he will think I am mom & will stop crying”. Though grandma found it cute, she said, “no beta, this won’t work”. She insisted to place him on her lap and they were surprised to see the little prince smiling seeing “zoomed” face. “See, I was right nani”, proud didi said. Only the little brother knows that he stopped crying looking at the love of his elder sister 🙂

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