Whats so special about Friendship ?

Mother is the human God who gave us birth. Parents and siblings – this is the family we were brought up. Once grown up, spouse and kids become our new family and life. All these characters are so emotional and vital in a human’s life. But , from where comes this so called “friend” who becomes so much important in everyone’s life ? Some friends would just be known to us for few days, months, or few years, but why ? A friend gets so much importance in anyone’s life or this “Friendship” makes us so attached ?

After a long thought process of gyan, I realized, “Once we are born, parents try to bring the best in us and try to correct our mistakes and change our negatives into positives, push us towards success on everything to make our life perfect. A spouse and child are those for whom we try to change ourself and make ourself better to give them a beautiful life.

This ‘friendship’ is the only relation, where a friend loves us so much but doesn’t own us that much to change any of our nature. If there is some part of me as a natural human left without any change since birth, that will be expressed with my friend anytime 🙂 Let it be anything .. an opinion, a kick, a bad word, a dirty face or an angry conversation, my mind does not have to double think when the “TO” recipient is my friend 🙂 “

Even between couple, if you ask ‘what is the best part about your spouse’ , there will be a reason where the spouse is behaving like a friend, not trying to change the self !

856328_10151767376503266_1307126637_o 325215_10151390542798266_464567088_oI am just blessed to have super such friends in life, with whom I can just be myself, mad, crazy and nonsense ! See I need not even focus on putting a nice pic of my friends 😛 and the list continues….

Did this blog make you think of such dear ones of yours ? 🙂 Oh yes, you are smiling now 🙂

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

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  1. shankar86kd says:

    Reblogged this on Thoughts & Opinions… and commented:
    Wow what could be more special than a mention about you by your fren in their blog ??? This lady has been my fren, sister, motivator, guide and watever you wanna add to it. Thank u so much Narmi. This means a lot 🙂


    1. Really while reading this blog, I feel emotional, getting goosebumps 😉
      The best part of this blog is the definition you gave for a friend. I totally agree to that embarked portion. I used to say I am what I am, But the truth is where am I like that. Its definitely to my friends. No acting, no over-acting, no hiding stuffs, no ego, no sentiment (even though we have it in heart no show ups), no betrayal, no tension. I bet we never get a relationship with all such listed No’s. Our true face can be showed to a friend anytime and at any age. I am happy and proud to have you my dear friends Jai and Narmi.. They were are and will be in all my ups and downs of life. Thanking God also to have such friends for a lifetime..

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