Oh yes, it’s arrogance but it helps !

  • Hey how do you get so much time to write blog always ?
  • What ? how can you go for movies so frequently ? From where do you get so much money? 
  • I am also a home maker , but I dont get time like you re, to join zumba class 
  • My kids are not like your kids you know, they always want me around , so i cant focus on my personal life at all 
  • Your office must be giving lot of flexibility or I guess you dont have much work to do at office, thats why you can do all these writing, dancing etc . I am into serious career madam 
  • I think she doesnt focus much on her family, always doing some hobby and time pass, did you see how her kid lost weight ? 

Are you getting demotivated sometimes to pursue your passion because of such kind of words ?

There is one answer to all the above
Dear <>, I do not poke my bloody nose into others lifestyle so dirty and deep like this and waste my time on commenting negatively about some small stuffs they do to make their life interesting. So I get lots of time for me, my family, my career, my friends etc. Coz I dont do that, I get some time to admire and respect other’s passion and encourage them too.. why dont you try out the same ?” 
Personally I believe, being nice doesnt help always so sometimes its important to have this so called “ATTITUDE” ! I GOT IT and yeah it is giving me way to pursue my passion.. Cheers ! Get it 🙂

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