Is this My Story ? Wonders Priyanka in her BOOK REVIEW : GET READY LADY


“Creativity is inborn talent for few but definitely an art that can be learnt & exercised.” Truly  said by Narmadha in her book GET READY LADY. Reading a book was never a cup of tea  for me but once I started I was like…. “Is this my own story?” Amazing Book! no doubt in that.

When I was reading my husband came from office and was asking “what are you doing?” for him seeing me reading a book was big surprise… he asked me if I can share book for a while… I said ok but give me fast… I want to finish it… he was amazed… When he started reading he was like “Priyanka this writer is amazing”… and he started reading and suggested many of our friends to read it…

When I came across the rapid fire questions at page number 7 even I was facing same questions when I decided to get back to work… For me I was also going with the flow… page 10 what i wanted to be… like any other girl I was also facing same what Narmadha was going thru.. may be a cardiologist then a fashion designer then a model… as I grew my ideal was my Dad and wanted to follow his foot step so I started at the age of 15… Like Narmadha I also love to meet people probably I can relate with her many places I worked for 10 years and then I became Mrs Priyanka Jain and my new journey started… Yes Narmadha I answered  to all the questions on page 17. I have same journey to relate with… but you have two kids I am having one…

When I was going thru page 22 same triangle I am also juggling in… Relationship Responsibilities and Myself… and I agree with you we women after getting married probably do justice with our relationships and responsibilities but when it comes to us we take ourselves for granted… and that is wrong… we should not do this… luckily we got our better halves who support us who understand us and are always by our side… I truly feel blessed… then same question came in my mind we are blessed what about others… then came across Gottfredson’s theory which you mentioned… I agree with you again… I also feel same… working is our own decision and we should know why we are working… And very next question was mine why I want to work?

When I took decision many things were in my mind the same way you were going thru… when I started I also felt like I AM POSSIBLE… we women are blessed with some special powers that we can manage children, husband, household task and elders at home… not an easy thing to manage but still we give our best… at work place we are professionals and at home we are chefs, care taker etc. Etc… didn’t skipped any questions and tried to find out answers for each and every question…  well said STOP NOT UNTILL YOUR GOAL IS ACHIEVED… true…

Agreed… again you inspired me… It is always difficult to push yourself to get back to work after a break… pushing ourselves is big task and when you start probably things are different and the way of dealing with them may be different.  I agree when you said people come and go people say and affect our mind and soul… it’s on us how we take things… probably we may not be the perfect one  but can try to be one…

Thanks Narmadha for this experience… read it twice and every time I come up with something which I never thought of… Every page was like it is my own journey… I have also gone thru same some or the other time…  you touched my heart… it is not only Narmadha’s or Priyanka’s story… every working lady has gone thru same at some point in time… This book is all about getting ready for ourselves and exploring what you are and what you can be at any point in time. Being a mother, a wife or someone is one thing being what you are and recognizing the inner strength is a different feeling… It’s all about balance between both is needed…doing something of your own choice and balancing work, child, husband and home… Narmadha Thanks for the book… it’s not only book for me but feelings which I have and had gone thru… A must read book…

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