Tigress and butterfly – Bold and beautiful : that is who I am and who I love being ! Am a cheerful personality, who believes in positive energy which can be spread all over the world through our thoughts and action. Beware : my smile and energy is just contagious. Blogging is “freedom of expressing our views” and yes, a proud, happy, confident yet not over confident character… To know more, keep reading the blogs 🙂

Topics on parenting, motivation, work life balance, feminism, social positivity, love, family are my interest areas..



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  1. Rajat says:

    Dear Narmadha,

    I represent Windchimes Communications, a leading digital experiential agency, in operation since 2008. We work with several clients who want to reach out to influencers such as yourself and interact on a regular basis. To view our client list click here: http://www.windchimes.co.in/category/clients/?id=20

    These influencer meet-ups will help you get an exposure to the client’s brands. You may also get paid for the work that you undertake for them.

    For the same, we would want you to fill out a simple form that will help us understand your strength areas. Kindly do mention your fees against each of the platform that you write on.


    Looking forward to meet you.


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