Review on the book ‘Get Ready My Love’..

The curiosity to buy the book is from the cover page. A practical depiction of the title “GET READY MY LOVE”. As I was reading the book, I could understand how important the simple elements (chapter names) are in a marriage and how easily couple get into misunderstanding because of missing the key factor. The language used is very simple and we feel the way each topic is delicate and nicely handled. A feel good read, accepting the facts of varied emotions in everyone’s marriage.

Narmadha has brought out the essence of practical love that transforms between the husband and wife across the years in their married life. I really liked the structure of every chapter. Readers can take any chapter and read, about the story, illustrations and the whatini, howini, whyesh, datesh paragraphs.
My favorite most chapter is “Trust”, the story and stages of trust between couple made us think deep.
Wonderful book and strongly recommend for every married and to be married folks to buy!

Link to order the book :

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