Simple seven tips : Birthday ideas for kids

Even though many people don’t prioritize their birthdays or their spouse / friends birthdays, kids birthdays are definitely special for all of us. The joy and innocent smiles of birthday babies… They don’t want diamonds and cars to wow them.. Balloons flying and jumping to catch it.. Their name on chart papers hanged on the wall.. Wow, they would be thrilled..

Being a lover of playing with kids, I am baptized as “super aunty” by kids in apartment. I just love that.. That makes me more responsible to be crazier. And enjoy like a kid celebrating their birthday parties.. So, let me share simple seven tips on how to celebrate kids birthday parties

  1. Infant birthdays : I can’t recall a single infant birthday 1st birthday and 2nd birthday where the birthday baby was NOT crying. Strange faces, everyone grabbing the kid, overly dressed party wears, loud music, mom and dad running around to host people. The little ones usually get very cranky on big birthday parties. So my sincere suggestion would be a simple home celebration, only with parents, grandparents, cousins whom the baby is comfortable. If you bake a cake yourself, then allow the baby to bump into the cake and slurp around. Decorate the house with little themes which is your child’s favorite like cars or dogs or balls. Usually parents prefer big barbie theme for a one year old which the kid doesn’t relate to. So the best thing to focus for a first or second birthday is to keep it as simple as possible.
  2. 3 to 5 years : Trust me dear parents, this is the stage where you can show all your creativity, efforts, planning, choosing for your little one. You would know their favorite characters and interests and host a party or buy toys on the theme. They would be wowd, they need to sleep well before the party that’s the only thumb rule to make them jump and hop in their birthday party.
  3. 5 to 10 years :The little grown ups have their choice of celebration, they have a dream plan, they admire other friend’s parties. All you have to do is talk and listen to them, ask about their fairy birthday party idea in their imagination and just facilitate to bring it real as much as possible. A cartoon character dress up or a Disney dress or a cycle or a magic show would surprise them.
  4. 10 to 14 years : well the pre pre teenage is when they are not very expressive and still have lots of plans. They might prefer a closed birthday party with their limited friends yet grand and special. Mostly they would love their friends also to be treated same way they are treated. The beginning age of friendship as a serious emotion is this stage hence focus more on their closed ones and surprise them all. W.r.t gifts, teach a good habit like planting or gift a little fish, the habits would stay strong in their mind. Choose value related gifts to create an impact
  5. 15 to 17 years : privacy with no privacy is the case. While they need all privacy to go out on their birthdays, make sure you are aware of the plan. Else you can make a plan and be part of the event and play low giving them ample space and time to party. This is a critical age for the kids to try weird options on birthdays and change track. So be cautious, showcase family values as much as possible yet give them the little freedom to enjoy their special day. Asking them to order what they want would be a very special gift as they will feel like a decision maker and would enjoy the feel.
  6. 18 onwards.. Hello there.. They are adults.. Shh.. This blog is not applicable 🙂
  7. In general, as parents, we are into a culture of hosting a party, focusing on guests and menu for dinner or lunch, the marvelous CL rather magnificent cake and decoration. And we focus on invitation cards, spend time inviting one to one, return gifts, etc. While all these are trendy and feels rich, just think what is important and what is really unwanted. Think to yourself if you focused more on the child’s interest and customized birthday party or did you focus on how grand to treat the guests. While return gifts are extra joy for kids, do we spoil the kids with wrong concepts, a little pencil can also be a return gift and a 200 rs set can also be one. Unfortunately we make these kids understand the cost, brand and lavish essentials in such young age. So the seventh tip would be to be little sensible. Whats your child’s age, what will stay in the memory and what is to keep them wowd. Don’t fall into the put of social image and peer pressure.

Hope you enjoyed the simple seven tips on kids birthday party. Let me get back with his and her birthday party ideas soon:)

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