Cute photo story #29 Smiles of hope 

Her little hardwork was gone, she tries her level best to save money for her son, but she is so unfortunate to be the wife of a drunkard who finds the money where ever it is placed. The evening when her money was lost, she knew her husband would come drunk that night. And it happened.

Her little man’s hands came from behind and wiped her tears, “don’t worry ma, I will stop my schooling. That is mainly why you work hard and each time this man steals your money. I don’t want such an education” – said her son with love to his mom.

“shut up, I am facing this life only because I am uneducated and all I know is fish market, you study and become a big collector or doctor and make my life meaningful. Let him steal all my money, I will never lose hope, I will keep earning for you dear”, she wiped her tears and cuddled him to sleep.

Next morning, though her situation was depressing inside, she carried that smiling face, the freshness of the fresh fish,the hopeful eyes and when the man looked around entire market and came to her stall to ask how much is the fish, she smiled happily. Sales was not made, fish was not sold. But the smile of hope was on her face. 

Oh just like how we confidently present during customer presentations or job interviews 🙂

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