Cute photo story #27 Fog and Flu 

Do we all remember the first time we experienced a fog or a cold breeze on our face? Try to recall it vaguely. Just like everyone, she also was surprised beautifully to experience the unexpected kiss from the cold breeze and covered by fog around. It felt extremely different, she was shivering one side yet it felt wow other side. After a week she was down with flu. And each time she experienced this friendship with fog, she was down with flu. One day she started taking precautions, still fog had its effect. Over a period of time, she lost the hope and finally she started avoiding as much as possible. Once in a while, she would recall the wonderful feeling she experienced with the same fog, which has hurt her after multiple attempts. Oh wait, did I mention fog? IT IS PEOPLE.  Did u read as flu? I meant the WAY SOME HUMANS HURT OTHERS FEELINGS. 

All of us have amazing memories of people around. The first meeting and the excitement of new friendship feels lovely. Over the period,when they try to hurt us, we don’t realize first. Later we take precautions and think twice while connecting with them. Later,  at one point of time, we avoid them totally. Just like fog and flu 🙂

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  1. Ranjit Balakrishnan says:

    Beautiful connection !
    I guess the same applies when we loose people and they become immortal. Just imagine one loosing that fog forever! The only way to have that cold breeze feeling is in one’s imagination. It is a freezing thought !

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    1. So true…. Fog is like people…. Can’t be taken always and can’t be left completely that easy 🙂


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