End of the Day

EOD, short form or commonly used term for end of the day especially at office is a very interesting perspective. Some of them are very particular about 9 am to 6 pm. So 6 pm becomes their default end of day. In few cases, we have employees who prepare their to do list in the morning. For them, once they compete their to-do list, it is considered as their end of day. On the other hand, we do have a category where employees have a vision and their day never gets to an end until their vision is achieved mostly it takes months. Now let us go one step deep and restrospect on how EOD plays a role in everyone’s career. 

We all work  for a reason, base one is that we want a career, may it be a passion or just a profession, any working individual wants his/her career. I have had interactions with employees from various organizations on different forums. Based on such diverse interactions, I could see two parameters that define END OF A DAY

1. A common topic : appraisal, few happy and mostly unhappy experiences on appraisals. And this affects one’s performance emotionally. They carry a sadness and demotivation. But sometimes humans are also greedy – promotions, rating and an unexpectedly awesome salary can only make them a little satisfied 🙂 so I often hear complaints that I got my promotion but not much salary increase or I got a good band but my promotion is pending. However the point here is, there is a bit of this mind set that is at back of their head on everyday basis. Some compromise, some compare, some accept and some crib about the appraisal element. 

2. Now, second element of EOD is  work life balance. Again this is a different scenario varying person to person. Spending time with kids, not missing their favorite TV show, have family dinner, don’t skip gym, sleep on time – people have various requirement. Meeting it or not meeting it plays a key role in defining End of day.

So, as an employee, we have to realize the fact that JOB SATISFACTION is very important by end of the day. While we don’t have much control on appraisals, we can take a positivity to aim high and carry that on day to day basis. Also, it is one’s duty to ensure he /she ensures work life balance is met. Every work has work pressure, every role demands more from employees. But end of the day, your family and personal life welcomes you back to your shell after work. Have schedules and priorities clearly defined in your mind. That will help one to be dedicated to both work and personal life. 

So, inspite of any job, signing off work with a little happiness that we have did some good work today and also with hope of balancing work life better, one gets job satisfaction and that’s a perfect definition for End of Day. Though it’s not easy to achieve, this is something that can change the way we look at EOD

Stay positive, stay focused, enjoy work!

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