Cute photo story #21 Bindi

She was cooking busy that Sunday morning . Her curious 8 year old son came to her and asked a question “mom , why do u wear a Bindi ?” Busy mommy said “girls will keep bindi “, continued cooking . The little one innocently asked “why?” 

She thought for a second and said ” I feel complete with a bindi” and told him she is busy . 

The curious boy wasn’t convinced. His dad had been observing this and then called his son. He showed him this pic 

 and asked “if u,me and brother are in this pic, how will it be? ” 

The little one was happy that dad is gonna clarify his question . He thought and said , ” it will be boys pic” 

“When mom is in the pic what is the difference ” 

“It becomes a family pic “, he immediately answered . 

“Exactly, like how mom gives us the feel of complete family, bindi makes a woman feel proud and complete” 

The little boy liked the reply , more because it was an example about his lovely mother. 

He smiled and ran to kiss his mommy. The queen silently enjoyed the explanation by her husband 🙂

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