GET READY LADY Interview Series : Nani talks about his warmhearted wife Abirami, Director, Sasra Ventures & Owner, JustBooks Anna Nagar

#book #workingmother #getreadylady #interview #workingwoman  GET READY LADY is a self help, motivational book for women joining work after a career break. For any successful working mother, her husband is the biggest support system ! Behind every such woman, there is an encouraging husband, who is able to live her passion together. GET READY to experience the #interviewseries as part of the BOOK PROMO !

“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful”- One more beautiful couple Nani & Abi, share a strong bond, a great friendship, where they support each other, motivate each other and admire each other. He loves to be her pillar of support and she dwells in his motivation. Such a complimenting couple, spread their positivity to everyone they meet. There is a lot to learn from them, read Nani’s interview to know about his ‘warmhearted soulmate’ Abi –

3 May Abi Nani.png

Pls enjoy the video trailer of the book @

and first month book highlights here @

You can order the book at Educreation HERE & also on all online stores.

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