My half relationship that will continue forever…

He is the one I have met even before I met my husband. Yes, It was “love at first sight”. I just went mad about him since the first time I saw him. Every year in my life, I had ben with him. Everyday after school, I will wait to meet him first. While my parents never allowed , my grandmother liked him so I could influence her to meet him. All my happy moments, he was with me. Rather, I wanted him to be with me. Now I am married, with two kids. My husband is extremely caring. Still, sometimes “he” knows and he only knows the magic to make my mood happy. I was surprised and shocked to see that even my 8 year old son knows how much his mom likes “him”. He has such an importance in my life. I am a fan of him.

I am stuck sometimes , maybe at office or a family occasion, while kids are with me, even friends yaar… grrr.. – the relationships and responsibilities I handle – does not let me commit to him completely. I am now unable to be with him whenever I want. I should ensure that my family, especially kids are not around. Last evening was a surprise – my husband came home with “him”. Wow, I was more excited to see ‘him’ than my hubby- oops.. is that bad ? What to do ? As my husband showed him to me, I smiled, held hands and started eating my favourite chocolate (him) as my kids came running to grab him from me.

How much I love him as a little girl, still I can only be half committed to him, for this reason, I hate growing up – now because I am in my thirties, I am supposed to share or offer chocolates to other kids itseems.. uff ! Chocolates – my eternal love, my happiness, my problem solver – As I cross each birthday, I know that I am only in a half committed relationship with you, but my feelings for you will never change, making my half relationship that will continue forever…

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend”. Now tell me, don’t you agree that I am chocolate’s half girl friend 😉


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