I went on my first team outing just like before.. after reading this book – Happy girl Devi Bala shares her Book Review : GET READY LADY

#BookReview, #GETREADYLADY, Its pending from me for a long time. Seriously a must ready book for every mom(irrespective of working/non-working). I felt like readying my own life in many places, ESP the real life examples n ofc conversation with colleagues. How v ppl torture others n How the ppl outside see us n how we see ourself, But what is the reality. V all get lot of free advices n comments/criticism How to ignore it.
What is essential for us n our kid, N how to make our support system @home. When we feel v r ready to work, R v really ready?? Its not for others sake, jus question urself. The dilemma every mom faces in her day to day life,,
Every moment how our heart goes back to home, when v r in ofc/work,. How to concentrate on work(things at hand).
How v girls tend to lose ourself in the name of family/motherhood. How to find our ME time.
A gentle reminder that v too had hobby(singing/dancing/play/anything in the world). we will be happy jus doing it. Our happiness is in our hand, its we who know our kid well, decide what is correct for them, NOT ANYONE ELSE.
Like this lot of good take aways in it. It is not jus a school principal’s talk, where v listen n study well for just a day/2. This book will groom u, make u sit where u(of course our kid n family) feel comfortable and happy. I am jus passing it to all whom I feel they need it. Just way too gud.. Way to go girl Narmadha Kamalakannan.. 👍👏
PS: Had a team outing which I always skip, post my maternity to stay with my kid, But last week went ahead, happened to be only girl in tat outing still played lik hell n slept well 🙂 ppl got surprised to see me back.(earlier I was the one who organize it 😜)


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  1. Pon.G.Nithya says:

    It is so uplifting to read this. Congrats Narmadha on the book, and Devi Bala for taking the first steps!! 🙂


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