Get ready lady – A best friend for every women : BOOK REVIEW by Deepa

I know I am little late in writing the review for the book. When i started reading the book , i felt like ..Omg how did i miss to read this amazing book all these days !

It is such an useful book and will be a best friend in every women’s life. It helps not only woman who wants to join back work after a break but also for stay at home moms. The book is going to help every woman realise their strengths and work towards their goal. It is not just about only jobs but about their hobbies, passion, work life balance and a identity for herself.

So don’t wait ladies..Shrug off your laziness, get ready and work towards your goal.

This book is going to be the first step in the path of your success and will help you to reach heights.

Wish you all a very big success


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