GET READY LADY Interview Series: Pillar of the day ‘Hemkant’ talks about Podar Jumbo kids Preschool & Childcare Director – Whitefield

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GET READY LADY is a self help, motivational book for women joining work after a career break.
For any successful working mother, her husband is the biggest support system !
Behind every such woman, there is an encouraging husband, who is able to live her passion together. GET READY to experience the #interviewseries as part of the BOOK PROMO !
This couple is like a perfect coffee ! The right combo of love, respect and supporting each other. She admires his intelligence and he admires her managerial skills. It was wonderful talking to Mr Hemkant, who was very much involved while talking about his “Inspiring Wife” , her talents, balance between work, achievements and her focus on their children & bringing them as great individuals.  A husband who volunteered to shift their home nearby wife’s workplace, even though it is quite a distance from his office, especially in Bangalore’s traffic – he is definitely a “Pillar of support” for Swapnil’s achievements & here you go with his interview answers 🙂


Pls enjoy the video trailer of the book @

You can order the book at Educreation HERE & also on all online stores.

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