My JUG friend…

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

This one friend laughs crazily on your face at your embarrassing moments, yet makes you strong in tough times.  ‘Who’s Your Jug?’ is something that we want to ask you.

Asked blogadda…

14352073_10154491006134493_5958407146569916760_oMaybe because its her birthday tomorrow, maybe because recently I have laughed with her on many silly stuffs, maybe because she gave me her cup of tea for me that day, maybe she is also bit mad like me.. this woman striked on my mind “Prathiba Jose Abraham” – Happy birthday to you my Jug from me and the readers of the blog…


The crazy ME kept making friends at neighbourhood , thats when I met her in a birthday party with her 2 year old baby boy, sucking his thumb constantly, pulling her hair and both mom & son looked like Kangaroo. I was playing pranks with many thats when I pulled her in , she said she has to leave early and left. I caught her on the staircase and called her “you can’t escape easily”.. “Look, excuse me.. I am not interested in all this talking to everyone like you” – she was harsh and bold and told it on my face.

The rarely seen angry egoistic part of me was on a complete avatar that day. I texted her, she expressed her point and apologised for the tone. I agreed that I should leave people at their comfort zone.

For quite sometime, we never had much interactions and I really do not remember how we started bonding with her… Now , we kick each other, we share clothes, we share food, we take each other’s help (mostly me 😛 ), we enjoy outings together. We have shared memories from our childhood, spoken about parents, friends, office. When we take tough decisions in own life, we motivate each other and support with strength. Where did the magic happen ?

Opposite poles attraction doesn’t apply only in Love, it also happens at friendship.

11705375_1047523065258661_7742479799064740887_nEveryone has the best friends, close friends, secret friends, friends we have promised to be with for life time, office friends, gossip friends, facebook friends, whatsapp friends, etc… But frankly and majorly, especially for women, once we are married, kids and busy family environment, it is practically not easy to maintain friendship that our heart wants to. If you are really lucky, you get a practically meeting neighbourhood friend, who has a strong friendship with you, its a double bonus if both your kids are also friends and its a bumper prize if husbands of the friends also share friendship. All this happened with this jug fellow …

After a certain age, we realise friendship is not about secrets / company / craziness.. It is also the mutual understanding of knowing and giving each other’s space as needed, at the same time sharing the madness , laughing for unworthy jokes, reaching for criticism too. It is not having a target or expectation of communication between each other…

I can proudly say that I am lucky to get this Jug Prathiba as my good & apt friend, once again happy birthday to her from the bottom of my heart , singing “happy birthday to u…… u r born in the zooooooo… with monkeys and donkeys around u… happy birthday to u” Po de.. po…

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