IDMF Series : Dress to the stage

IDMF : I Define My Fashion ! Sharing my views on the cover pic. This pic was taken during an inaugural function of Saravana Stores. Two heroes (Jayam Ravi), one lyricist (Man in white Vairamuthu), three heroines (Hansika, Shreya, Tamanna) and in middle stands the owner of the grand Saravana Stores.

Now, what made me write a blog about this is that, the dressing sense. Look at the men. I love Jayam Ravi and his simple shirt. Even if he is simply dressed, he is a movie star there and definitely smart. Vairamuthu – he has defined his own fashion statement by wearing this white kurti suit always. Not easy to find what suits us and stick on to that FOREVER. Maddy – A complete suit in summer looks little odd, but thanks to the AC everywhere, he must not have felt the summer anyways.


Now, coming to the women, whom do u think looks prettiest ? According to me, its Hansika (the pink skirt and sandal kurti). Wait ? I am not a Hansika fan, nor any others. With make up, even I can look like a heroine, or whoever reading too. Show me pics of these women with no make up just wearing their smile and I will tell whose fan I am .

Sorry, thats not the point either. I love Hansika in this pic for the way she is dressed. Again, I am not someone who is a “non western ” or “no-modern” supporter.  But, think for a while what kind of event is this. This is not a fashion show. This is not a TV show. This is not even an award function or any celebrity birthday event. This is an inaugural ceremony of a Shopping store in middle of the city. The PUBLIC would be rushing there to just meet these stars. This is a small gateway for their stars to enter the reality world, the world on how public, simple people would be.  Don’t you think a low neck, shoulder exposing dress does not suit this situation? It is like wearing a full ethnic saree with jewellery and long hair with flowers for a night club. Too odd isn’t it ?

While I admire these women for the way they are maintaining their beauty, for the success they have achieved, for becoming famous stars, some extra thumbs up and cheers to Hansika for the super perfect costume she has chosen to wear. Brilliant Hansika 🙂 My fashion statement appreciates you.

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