Cute Photo Story #8 The sperm donor


My colleague was always a high performer at office. Her sudden dull performance showed some major stress and I visited her also to meet her second child – new born. She cribbed to me about the kind of work load she has at home and her husband, who is in a similar job, never offers help , never shares the load. “He never tried to understand what she was going through. He had the attitude, ‘you are a woman, you are supposed to handle, you are not the only one’. What can I do at this situation ?, she asked. Thats when the door opened and he entered, waving a sign to her for a coffee.

“Sweetie, see who has come, daddy”, tried smiling my colleague. He gave a nice smile back and went upstairs. “Hey darling, he is just the sperm donor, he is yet to become a father”, whispered me before leaving.

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