Cute Photo Story #5 The family tree


Uncle stood for a solo pic before the tree and asked his son to click. “Dad .. This is the most boring background you can choose ” , grumbled his son. “This is such a dead tree with no leaves, only branches, come that side near the lawn, full of green”, he said. Uncle gave a matured smile. He saw aunty and his eyes twinkled. She immediately came near him and smiled. Uncle then said in a clear voice, “So, shall we make this boring background as a fond memory?, now everyone come over, we are the leaves for this tree, we are the freshness, come quick. Set the timer on your camera”. Everyone came to pose. Knowing the meaning of what uncle said, his son picked up the little hero and said, “here comes the flower in the tree, spreading smiles”, and everyone smiled. Ah yes, this has become a fond memory because of the family tree.

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