Reusage of baby clothes :1

As my little one grows and those lovely dresses we got for her are not fitting her anymore, my mind keeps thinking of ways to use those dresses which are still fresh and hardly used few times.. So, today’s ideas plus previous (water bottle cover)

A onesies into a top, a skirt into a baby handbag, a frock into a skirt, a jean into a bottle cover


I hope the making is simply understood with pics,

  1. The leg portion of old jeans can be used for making water bottle cover
  2. The bottom portion of onesies can be cut and top can be used as a t shirt
  3. The layers in a frock can be removed alone, once the frock is not fitting, then an elastic can be connected in one side to make it a mini skirt
  4. The skirt – I have closed the bottom portion and can you guess with what I made the sling for the handbag ?


Took the borders of old cloth nappies which were used when she was new born, tied a hair plot with three strings and connected the corners. 🙂

Total work today was 15 mins to make these.. Let me get back with next ideas once it strikes me 🙂


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