IDMF : South Indian Saree style

This is my first post on IDMF Series : I Define My Fashion. I am a typical girl who loves dressing up and trying out different fashion styles. So, thought of starting a series of blogs where I share my own fashion styles. According to me, “There is no thumb rule for fashion statement, each of us define our own fashion based on our like, based on our comfort zone and based on what suits us”.

So, here you go with the first post on South Indian saree style. My first post is inspiration from , loved her styles of Triveni sarees.

Row 1 pic 1 : Traditional silk saree, both generations

R1 pic 2 : Elegant cotton saree in office wear look

R1 pic 3 : Cute georgette saree in mild party look

R2 pic 1: Maternity mirror look

R2 pic 2 : Maternity look with hip chain

R2 pic 3 : A simple cotton saree with open hair , fresh look

R3 pic 1 : Elegant cotton saree, grand wear with a pattern sleeveless blouse

R3 pic 2 : Breezy black saree

R3 pic 3 : Casual outing

South Indian Saree.jpg

So the method of draping the saree is same, back pallu with normal pleats, however the way of carrying the saree and the accessories make it flexible according to situation.

Can u see the happiness in my face when I am wearing my fav attire and walking with my fav person on earth ? 🙂


The pic taken years back to post in matrimonial website 😉




This pic definitely shows how much I love sarees, especially south indian style.. taken when I was 4 years lol 😉

mx 1 copy (59)

Hope you liked the different flavours of South Indian saree fashion. Keep following the blogs for more blogs on IDMF sarees…. Happy fashioning !

Do not miss to visit whose Triveni saree giveaway is the inspiration spark for this blog 🙂 Thanks Mandira !!!


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