Don’t look at us THERE

Lets get into a hypothetical mode, maybe a fiction or an imagination. Imagine that the trend changes and men get more attractive than women. So men out there : think of the times where you got to cover up your private parts with extra layer of a shawl or a dupatta .. You gotta be conscious because others look at you THERE when you walk , when u talk, when u run, anywhere u go.. This is not a one day consciousness, once ur pre teen starts u realise this embarrassment, you gotta cover up, you gotta bend and walk, you gotta shy away when it’s little exposed and yes you know that there are so many eyes look ThEre when u r out !!!

How do u feel this imagination ? Yuck ? Ooooops? Uffff ? Oh shit ??? Baaaapre??? Nonsense ??

Now let’s come to reality ! This yuck, oops, uff, shit, baapre,nonsense is what each andimages-3 every woman experience throughout our life. From around 12 to 15 years till death . We are asked to wear dupattas properly, Inner wears not supposed to peep out accidentally, we gotta be careful while being actively jumping and playing, even when we are extremely happy , this stress kills the backside of our mind and we have faced odd idiotic eyes directly starring us There. Can u atleast realise a 5% of what kind of pain and pressure we undergo ?

I agree on the fact that women are beautiful, like roses , like diamond , like waterfalls, like a lovely scenery . But it is an art to bird watch both genders , and this vulgarity look is a stress for this pretty gender . Rather than commenting on the way a lady dressing or a lady walking , why don’t u comment on men about how Awkward they look and indecent they behave ?? Maybe with some trend setting nice men starting the awareness, future generation women might become stress free from the odd eyes and will have more freedom of living !!! Thanks in advance to all gentlemen who agree 🙂 And ladies, keep sharing the awareness !

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