Is she always happy ?

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So, you see me posting about a party , next week about my shopping, the week after about my kid’s medal from school. Oh, next is my foreign trip. Wait !Its not over ! Later you see me getting nostalgic with my school friend, wait , there comes a poem to my loved ones. Ah ! A get together with my best college buddies. Oh there comes by child’s birthday. Wow, thats an awesome restaurant we went. Thrilled to watch that super hit movie. Feeling blessed to have wonderful parents and … goes on !

social_media_strategyDoesn’t your mind wonder “Is she always happy? ” “What a lucky person she is “, “hmmmm….” “she is too blessed” “Not everyone can get her life” But , darling – let me tell you something. I am also a normal human personality. I do get sick , I do get upset when my kids throw tantrum. My eyes see my tears when there is a situation. I too have friends who forgot me, who dont respond to me. I too expect appreciation. I do experience disappointment. But I chose to spread only the positive vibes. Yes ! there is a saying that “happiness has the capacity to multiply” I chose multiplication.

The only time I used to post a condolence poem for my <late> sister each year but last year when I was pregnant, I randomly read a similar kind of sad post by my friend and that kept me in sadness for more than a week & then I decided not to spread this sorrow even yearly once.

keep-calm-and-don-t-get-jealous.pngIf you notice most of the friends in social media, share happy status about self and circles, and the negative feedback or negativity is about public issues only. I see it as a general human tendency of multiplying their happiness which is just Awesome !

No one updates a status saying “idli was bad today, feeling sad” rather you can see 1000 status from different folks on where they ate and what they loved. So, when people share their nice experience, feel good about it. Dont grudge over or dont overthink that “Is she always happy”

Keep sharing the positive vibes and learn multiplication of happiness 🙂

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  1. Chitra says:

    Good one Nammi… very true as well…

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