The mother with 2 hearts

You go crazy being mother of one child and all you do in life is get the best of everything for your child. In most cases, we plan for second child only because we need a company to our first child. So did we !

One fine day the test showed 2 stripes, we were super happy along with a sweet confusion, had no clue of how life will be with 2 kids. My pregnancy started & developed along with my first child telling him “there is a baby inside waiting to come out and play with you” “baby wants to hear u sing” “baby is giving hi5 to u” etc.. Suddenly a realisation comes when I recollecting my first pregnancy : I used to think of the child, how he will be once he is born, cuddle up mentally, talk about the baby. This time also I do that, but this time I think of how the fourth one is gonna join our fun, make baby cuddle her big bro, make the big bro talk to her.. hmm… Is the little one missing something ? The confusion continues.. At times I feel maybe second one is getting super extra affection , since she is pampered by 3 of us now. Sometimes I get worried what if all my time goes for second one and my first one gets lonely. Another time I panic if second one is not getting the best like how first one did. This is mama mania !

This unsecured feeling continues after birth too.. But the moment your first child hugs the younger one, all your mental disorder vanish away ! You realise that “when you are reborn as a mother second time  post delivery , you are reborn with 2 hearts, equally  for both your kids”. There is no word called ‘partiality’ in motherhood.

While one of your heart can feel super excited for your first child’s score in school, your other heart , at the same time can feel upset when your second one has a colic cry. It is you who is happy for the scores and it is same you who is too worried for the colic cry. Its mommy magic !

Both kids managing each other is a different story, the elder one getting sibling syndrome might also happen. But the worry in me , “which child will I pay attention to? Will any of my child miss anything” – I got a confident answer “no, my kids won’t miss anything from me as I am a mother with 2 hearts each for one kid equally filled totally layered with love, creamed with love too…”

Am sure each mom who has many kids will agree this fact from your experience ! And to the preggy mommies out there : join the club of “a mother with 2 hearts” soon !

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  1. lavanya says:

    u reflected my too sailing n same boat..

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