Kids Photoshoot Props 1 : Peacock

What’s the top difference between home pics and photoshoot pics ? The property used and costumes and backgrounds . While u can’t plan a totally perfect photoshoot experience with home pics, u can make quick props to make it fun and interesting
One fine day I planned to wrap my baby with coloured craft soft sheets for a pic.. While seeing blue and green sheets I felt a glimpse of peacock effect on it and only couple of pieces in both colours were with me ! So I used a stapler to make the front look and made a ribbon pattern at the back . To ensure that the stapler doesn’t hurt the baby, I put layers of cello tape on it.


While the peacock look was getting formed, few silver glitters gave elegance to it and a crown with a bracelet added more cuteness.

While the sister was a peacock, brother can be Lord Muruga so they make an awesome combo. I waited for my son to return back from school to start our photoshoot. His broken golf stick was the Vel. And a golden crown was also ready.

If u want the dress permanent, then give a two layer stitches else stapler would do. Similarly the accessories can be used for next props after the photos are taken !

Happy clicking 🙂

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  1. Hamsini Murthy says:

    Amazing Picture and creativity.. It goes to show.. that where there is creativity there is no dearth of resources.. Salute you Narmadha

    Liked by 1 person

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