Top 3 funny things during my pregnancy

My child is almost 3 months now and am slowly getting back to feel normal (means getting out of the weird emotions ) so thought of writing down the funny memories of those crazy things I have done during pregnancy times !

  1.   Sweet craving : sounds normal during reg rt? Just that I have cried when my husband ate that last piece of chocolate ( don’t notice that I ate the 99%) .. When we went to a friend’s place and while kids refused the sweets they offered I said ” it’s okay give it to me ” lol
  2. Mad movie: what else can be done during sleepless nights ? I have almost covered all movies of South Indian languages and few Hollywood movies too. When I get too bored of hit movies, started choosing all flop movies to time pass .. Especially Bhagyaraj , Pandiarajan ones
  3.   Cry for no reason : yes ! Blame the pregnancy harmonies and thank the man who is my better half … Normal people get a situation to make them cry. Preggy lady gets tears first and then thinks what reason to match the tears 😝

Though the above are normal symptoms during pregnancy, now I can’t believe I did these and it’s funny and embarrassing too … Why don’t u join me in noting down the Funny things u have done during ur times ? Will be a good laughter riot after few years ! Post it in the comment …


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  1. Deepa says:


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    1. Write ur counters Deepa 😉 I know few too lol


  2. Malar says:

    Really true in ur case

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  3. Sharmistha says:

    Very nice. I’m also doing like this.ha ha ha 🙂


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