My 5 yr old son’s breakfast recipe

So the good news , proud one actually is that today was a lovely Sunday morning , when my little one said, “mom i will make breakfast for all today” and I had to just guide him

It was just oats and sugar but the interest of the little one that made its a  special dish.. But the naughty part comes here..

I tried making a video of him telling the recipe, to store it as a sweet memory and see the number of takes my little monster took to tell his secret recipe 😉

Take 1 –

So, any difference in take 2 –

Final TAKE –

Hope the videos gave you a smile and recipe gave you a slurp 🙂 Happy days ahead !

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  1. Ranjith says:

    I can see you are making full use of your new smart toy 🙂 Good one!

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