Greedy Parents like me… Have you ?

Our parents were in the generation of “I wanted to become a doctor but could not, so will make my son doctor”, “I wanted to learn dance, I did not, so will put my daughter in classical dance”… So most of us are products of our parents dream..

So, whats the fashion now ? We are parents who want to give EXPOSURE to our children to this competitive world.. In the name of encouragement, we are proudly pushing our children in every direction.. imagine, what will happen to an object if u try pushing on all directions ? So does the kids..

Once schooling starts, I research the max and put my kid in the bestestt school nearby, wherever time permits, I fit him into karate class, dance class, music class, art class, skating class, whatever class.. etc

Apart from these, I also ensure he gets good scores, studies well, his English is good, he learns about gadgets and he is a modern kid



What I fail to realize is from the child’s point of view….

1. As a child, he does not realise how good school he is enrolled in, he is happy there coz he enjoys with his friends..

2. Multi tasking is possible for human beings but first we have to focus on our interests only.. Out of all the classes I have enrolled, my kid will be NOT showing interest in few, as a parent it is important for me to give him the space to withdraw the class which he is not interested ! THIS IS THE AREA WHERE AS A PARENT, I SHOULD BE PROUD  IN REALITY !

3. My little one is very interested in karate classes, however sometimes I see him crying and not going to the class, I push him to go .. I would feel stressed on analysing the reason , later I feel silly to realise it might be just because he was hungry or sleepy that day.. AGAIN TOO MUCH OF ANALYSIS AND WORRY IS NATURAL FOR PARENTS AND ITS GOOD AS LONG AS THE CHILD IS NOT PUSHED 


4. Studying : Which parent does not want our kid to be the topper / score 100% ? But dont you agree its really okay to be weak or not interested in few areas there too ? I have a school friend, who was doing least in the class, he used to fail in most of the exams, I was surprised to find him in Facebook after a longtime as a famous media person on digital field.. He is a star today in his career, where in the topper of our class, she is a housewife with 2 kids. 

Today’s society is also responsible for parents to give this pressure to our kids , but LET US NOT BE GREEDY ! LET US RELAX A WHILE AND GIVE SPACE TO OUR OWN KIDS, WHO ARE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING ! 


Rather doing an analysis about the kid, we can analysis which areas do we pressurise our kids, that will make their childhood easy and parenting happy 🙂 I have realised my greed, have you ?

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